I Could Be Anyone

by Yearbook

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They only come out at night,
They only come out when the darkness defeats the light,
When the glass is clear and they're just the other side,
I know I've always played on my strengths,
And I've always known that I can't fight, won't fight,
Anyone, at all.
So don't stop, no don't stop,
Talking to your self, you're not the only one that's listening,
And I can't, no I can't,
Be your safety net, your safety net from the place that we live in.

No I don't sleep where I'm supposed to anymore,
And now the bed frames deconstructed and the mattress lives on the floor,
And I'm tired and I'm stressed out, and my bones and body's raw,
I don't sleep where I'm supposed to anymore.

I don't feel that sense of safety coming home
Now I've locked up all my doors and windows and I cant stay home alone,
But the temperature keeps rising and the sweat rains from my pours,
You know the truth is that I no longer sleep at all.

I don't want to remember this,
I just want to forget how it is to be watched.

I never thought that we'd be moving when we set up six months ago,
But we no longer belong here so I'm ok to just let here go,
Repair the scratches and the paint marks,
Rehang the door inside the frame,
Leave everything just how we found it,
I wont be coming back again.


released September 30, 2013
Recorded and mixed by Ally Jowett.
Produced by Ally Jowett and Yearbook.



all rights reserved


Yearbook England, UK

'They're the kind of band that'll make you glue your earphones to your ears and delete everything else off your iPod' -Kerrang! www.yespleaseyearbook.com

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